Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Survived Pre Kindy

Ahhhh... 3 months ago, I was very skeptical about taking the class despite the fact that I "actually volunteered" to take them. There were tempting offers from Charlyn to take the class but I thought it would be a nice change for the kiddos to have me as their teacher for a change. Its not that I am not happy to work with them but I was more worried than anything. I believe to a certain extend, I am a perfectionist. When I do something...its gotta be good! I was worried that I was not able to live up to the parents expectations or meet the parents demands. Worst of all, would I be able to perform up to my standard. All this time, I dished out instructions and expect them to be carried out so that the children will learn in a rich, happy and stimulating environment and most of the time the impression I got from the teachers was that there is never enough time to do what they really hoped for and its very rushing etc. I was worried if I did not do a good job then I will be sending the wrong message to the other teachers as all eyes are fixed on me. So I had tons of worries! Weeks before I took over the class, I had already made preparations, mentally, emotionally, financially ( must buy many materials apart from those supplied by the school), and spiritually(hheheheh).

When I was taking the class, I had tremendous fun with the kiddos. They would do and say the darnest thing! ALL of them were fast learners, the grasp skills and concepts within minutes. I was amazed at behaviour.......they were totally different from the pre kindies that I know as a Principal. They used to be soo...o quiet and "obedient". (sorry had to use this word) but under that facade are little imps that is chatty with wild imaginations and colourful language. Sometimes they are so scary ....they are like my clones that started to talk like me and uphold the classroom rules to the core. They did most of the classroom management with occasional help for me when the argument gets too heaty. They are bundles of joy to work with, full of love, hugs and kisses ( they like to kiss me with dirty pouty lips - after food etc)

I am doing to miss them lots coz the relationship we have is sacred that is only possible between a class teacher and a student. It will never be the same but these kiddos will always have a special place in my heart. Good luck and God bless..............

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi Moms & Dad

Our restaurant in our home corner is coming along really well. I have set up the main skeleton(frame) for the corner. The kids are decorating it to their taste. They would like to serve "English food". I think what they meant was "Western Food" The funniest thing happen today when I was watching them set up the corner. My instruction was clear up the PET SHOP and think what you need to set up a restaurant. While Ravshaan and Vivian gets busy decorating the chairs and cashier table with scraps of our concert backdrop, Odelia and Jamie gets occupied with sorting the cutleries and E kai watching over them and Akaash supervising them, Don cleaning the shelves (his own initiative), Jo Ee and Kieona was setting the table and pretending to tuck into some can of dog food with fork and spoon as if eating some caviar at a posh restaurant was such a funny sight .....I just couldn't help my self but burst into laughter. As usual, they became shy and started blushing....I wonder what are the pre kindies parents feeding their child nowadays!! he ..he ..he..

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Next Theme

Parents please be informed that we have completed our theme on Pets. We will be doing "FOOD" for the next theme. I intend to set up a "restaurant" in our home corner. We will also be inviting parents to come in to do a cooking workshop. I intend to get Sakura's Mom or Dad to do sushi and Ravshaan's family to do chapati and aloo ghobi (don't know what this is....hhehhe I'm not going to tell you but you should find out coz I am feeding your kids with it for lunch!)

Our last stop is the pet shop at the Animal Resort. We wanted to compare it to our Pre Kindy Pet shop but too bad its closed...perhaps some other time.

Mr Goaty getting too up close and personal with Vivian